Day 6 Preview - Spring Collection 2013

The organic sterling silver pebble stud earrings are inspired by all the lovely cairns found along the beach. While the tiny gold stud earrings are inspired by the grains of sand.

Day 5 Preview - Spring Collection 2013

The beauty and serenity of the night with the ever-changing phases of the moon.


Day 4 Preview - Spring Collection 2013

I know I missed yesterday so today you get to have a sneak peek of two pieces - which works out perfectly since it encompasses the entire day. One thing about being a Washingtonian in Florida, you definitely try to soak up as much vitamin D as possible. I loved waking up to the gorgeous ocean sunrises (perfect natural alarm clock). This piece draws inspiration from the first rays of sunshine glistening upon the ocean waves.

Day 3 Preview - Spring Collection 2013

My dear friend (Miss Claire Eliza) who also is a truly talented and amazing wedding/fashion photographer has been doing some lovely photo shoots with my new spring collection in NYC. Here is a sneak peek at one of the new rings titled: life is a journey

Make sure to take a check out her lovely work online:

Spring Collection 2013 // Day 1 & 2 Preview

With this pendant I tried to capture the beauty of the range of Florida palm trees with a simplified abstract art deco style palm leaf.

These earrings are inspired by where the ocean meets the beach. The crashing ocean waves collide with the speckled sandy beaches creating a natural, organic line.

{ Happy 18th Birthday! }

I love finding out what my jewelry means to others and who it will be gifted to. I adore the sweet sentiment behind this birthday gift. Here is the story 
story behind this custom key and heart keychains: My husband is giving this to our daughter on her 18th birthday. He will keep the key and give it to her husband the day they get married.


Moje Serce. Mi Corazón. My Heart.

This sweet little heart pendant is made from sterling silver that has been reticulated and hangs freely on a delicate chain.  

wild wedding: emerald greens + leopard print

I can’t wait to share with you some images from one of my past brides this year. When she contacted me about having me design her custom wedding and bridal jewelry, I was ecstatic to collaborate with a few of my favorites as her wedding photographer was my friend Christy from c.pelland photography and her gorgeous wedding invites were designed by dear friend Rebecca of rsj creative. Let me give you a slight hint, her wedding jewelry was as wild as her wedding venue which was at the Northwest Trek in Eatonville, Washington.

I knew this was going to be a wonderful adventure and pleasure working with Katelyn as she has an absolutely fun and unique style (for those of you have been to her salon {Salon Ish} in downtown Puyallup, can vouche for that). 

When I asked her what she was looking for in regards to her jewelry, I was delighted to hear of her bold color and wild (literally) pattern choices. The color palette consisted of sterling silver with a patina (black/grey finish) mixed with rich emerald tones and bright kelly greens.

As I mentioned above, the pattern/print she chose to use in her pieces was absolutely wild…. leopard print to be exact! 

She wanted a custom leather bracelet that she could not only wear on her wedding day, but something that she could rock out everyday to remind her of her “special day”.

Katelyn also wanted to incorporate some words that Rebecca had designed for Katelyn’s special prints. Here are the inspirational words that were used for the heart tags on the mom bracelets and custom necklaces as well as on the front of her custom leather cuff bracelet. 

Thanks again Katelyn! I truly loved that you were fearless in your bold choices and it was so wonderful to see everything come together so delightfully. Wishing you both all the very, very best! 

one-of-a kind wedding jewelry

If you’re having a one-of-a-kind wedding, why wear jewelry that’s made for the masses? Let me know how I can help make your “special day” the best ever. I will work with you to design some unique wedding jewelry. Please message me with your ideas: adarosman (at) gmail (dot) com

photo by claire eliza

Oktoberfest is pretzel time!

The temperature is tumbling, there’s a crisp feeling in the air. Oktoberfest is here! Celebrate Oktoberfest like it’s meant to be, by doubt-fisting with a beer in one hand and a pretzel in the other! 

This ring is truly made for the Oktoberfest fan in mind. Be reminded year round of the largest beer festival in the world, which is celebrated in Munich, Germany  every year during late September and early October. This is a great way to celebrate the event wherever you are.

This ring will only be available for a limited time in my Etsy shop: Ada Rosman (until the end of October), so make sure you get one! Each ring is hand-formed by me, similar to how traditional pretzels continue to be formed by hand as they have been done throughout history. No two pretzels will be alike. Happy celebrations….